Phillipsburg Christian Academy Training for April 10

Babies with iPads
Google Glasses
Will Richardson & Connected Learning
Blended Learning @ Carpe Diem in Arizona


Behavior Management:
Class Dojo - need something to help track classroom behavior? Try class dojo!
MyRewardBoard - nice tool for behavior management and chores(although I think it is a paid app)

Presentation Software:
Powtoon - presentation software that is more fun and quick to use (works with google apps)
Prezi - tired of powerpoint and want to visually spruce up presentations? Try prezi! Ex. Mr. Shea's 7th-8th grade Digital Citizenship - great site for making digital posters that can be interactive! Lauren's Are You a Movie Geek? - similar to glogster, this site lets you create a poster of links and resources!
Quizlet - website for teacher-made quizzes and flash cards

Digitial Citizenship:
Edmodo - need to practice safe online social habits? Edmodo gives students social tools in a safe, school friendly environment
Common Sense Media - great site for resources and Internet Safety / Digital Citizenship - more great resources for Internet Safety! More K-5 friendly

Edmodo - again, a great place for students to blog and comment back and forth
MyBigCampus - another free, school-safe social platform for students to blog, comment, and discuss homework
Todaysmeet - website to steer the students in a real-time online discussion
Google Docs - do students have a gmail account? they can collaborate on word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations

ABCya - educational games and activities for K-5
Brainpop - although brainpop has some paid services, this link is to their free tools!
Skype for Education - talk and collaborate with other classes
Discovery Education - great videos about social behavior and feelings

RESOURCES - Smart Tech's community site - may not be fully compatible with interwrite but great resources - common core K-5 math website for resources - sponsored by Verizon, a great site for teacher resources and searchable by grade, curriculum, and more - resources for teachers by teachers! free and paid resources but the money goes to teachers! - great site for lessons, worksheets, and more!