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A Better Calculatorabettercalculator.png

Subjects: Math & Science

Creative Commons creativecommons.jpgWhy is Creative Commons important? Not a search engine, but you access to various search engines to look for media, music, pictures and video for use in the classroom!

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Google Docs Googledocs.gifPresentations, Word documents, and Spreadsheets Collaborative! A lot of people can work on the same document at one time.

Google Document

JellyCam jellycam.pngGrades: K-12 Subjects: Any! Could be great in any class! Free download to make stop motion animation using a webcam or photographs.

Kerpoof.png Kerpoof Games, drawings, & animation for young learners (K-8).Play spelling games. Draw Pictures, Tell stories & LEARN!

MakeBeliefsComix.png Make Beliefs ComixComics are great for all ages! This is a free, online tool. It won't save copies of your comics, but you can print them or "snip" and save as a JPEG.

mindomo.jpg Mindomo A great way to make concept maps! More “mature” looking than Kidspiration.

Popplet popplet2.jpgGrades: K-12 Subjects: Any & All! Could be used in almost every class.
Educational Technology Popplet!
Can be private or shared. Great for collaboration! Easy-to-use & Free Export as JPG or PDF.

Prezi prezi.jpgOnline presentation tool that moves and rotates in interesting ways.

Thesis Proposal Prezi

Include images, videos, PDFs and more in your Prezi. You can collaborate on them too! Just click the "Edit Together" button on the bottom of the screen!

Sen Teacher sen_teacher_org.jpgProvides FREE teaching and learning resources for students with special needs and learning disabilities. Also helpful resources for those who teach primary and elementary.

Literacy Worksheet
Math Worksheet

Skype for Educationskype_classrooms-thumb-550x344.jpgMeet classes from all over the world online!
Steps:1. Post project(s)2. Other people can comment and join to help!3. Skype away!

Example for Blogging

Slideshare Share presentations, videos, & documents. Professional work on Slideshare. Upload Powerpoint presentations which can be shared with everyone. Download presentations you like to use!

To the Point - PowerPoint

Study Blue
studyblue bear.PNG
Free online tool to make flashcards. Can include audio and images! Language Learning Website Videos and exercises!Choose your native language and then the language you want to learn!

Tagxedo Tagxedo.jpgSubjects: English Literature & More! More options than Wordle!

Tiki-Tokitiki-toki2-300x188.jpg Online timeline-making tool.

Example - The History of (Some) Superheros.

VoiceThread voicethread.jpgCollaborative conversations! Present ideas with images & audio. Others can respond to the slides with text or audio.

Exercising Your Brain VoiceThread

__Voki__ Voki is a great tool for you to create animated, cartoon people or animals that talk to your students. Record your own voice via a microphone or call a number to record to your Voki. They also have pre-made voices to read your message!

WatchKnowLearnwatchknowlearn.jpgThis is a great website for streaming short educational videos. Many are from YouTube, but they're approved and the content filter allows them!
6-12 Example - Life in the Middle Ages

1) Wikispace wiki.pngAn educational website creator that allows students to access materials, resources and anything else you want them to do collaboratively!
Easy to create! Great for WebQuests!This Tech Academy website is a Wikispace!!!

3) WolfAlpha "Computational Knowledge Engine”
Social Studies
Special – Music

6) Wordle wordle.pngGrades: 5-12 Subjects: English Literature & More!

20) ZooBurst ZooBurst.jpgCreate pop-up books with your students on almost any topic. Use the pictures that ZooBurst provides or upload you own.

Tech Day ZooBurst Book