Lopatcong has a large number of hardware tools available for teachers and students to use - there are not enough hours in the day to use everything - click on the items below to pick and choose what you think would support your lessons best!

NOTE: anything underlined is a link to more info

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL LABS/CARTS - click here to see labs & cart info for the ES

MIDDLE SCHOOL LABS/CARTS - click here to see labs & cart info for the MS

SMART BOARDS - For the 2010-2011 school year, there will be a smart board available in every general education classroom and even some of the special ed and specials. Follow this link Smart Exchange to get access to the Smart community.

DOCUMENT CAMERAS - Available at both schools, these modern day 'overhead projectors' can display anything up with just a projector or with a smart board. From dissecting a frog, viewing a live butterfly, or simply reading a picture book - these doc cameras can even take pictures to store for later use. click here for more

CAMERAS - picture cameras and flip (video) cameras available through both media centers. *make sure your students are not on the do not photograph list

smartpen.jpgPULSE SMART PENS - These digital pens rec ord both what is heard and written. Later the mp3 and writing can be reviewed or uploaded to share with others. Please check with the CST Team for student use. click here for a demo

PROJECTORS - Need a projector for a presentation? Check with the media center at either school to check out a projector.

senteo.jpgSENTEO - this is a response system that will allow you to assess students either as a quiz or a simple quick poll. You can anonymously do a poll or track students answers/scores individually. There is a set of 32 available for each school. click here for more info

SHORETEL PHONES - Are you mobile? Do you not have a classroom or are you constantly on the move? Our phone system lets you take over any phone, check voicemail remotely, or even have voicemails sent straight to email. Check with the director of technology if you need these capabilities.