Elementary School Hardware

Wondering what type of technology equipment is available for you in the elementary school?
Here are some of the tools that you can use in your classroom.

Are you looking for what computer programs you can use in the classroom?
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Smart Boards
Document Cameras
LiveScribe Pens

Smart Boards


Starting in the 2010-2011 school year, there has been a Smart Board available in every general education classroom and even some of the special education and "specials" classrooms.

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Need a few computers in your classroom for a specific project for the day? Netbooks are available to help! These HP Mini Netbooks can be found at both the Elementary and Middle School and are great for the classroom.

Click here for more information about what computers are available in the Elementary School.

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Document Camera


Available at both the Elementary and Middle School, document cameras act almost like modern-day "overhead projectors." You can use them with just a projector or in conjunction with a Smart Board. From dissecting a frog, viewing a live butterfly, or simply reading a picture book with your class, these document cameras can help show your whole class the details! You can even use them to take pictures to store for later use!

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LiveScribe Pens

LiveScribe pens are great! They record both what you're writing with them, as well as any audio that they can pick up. Later, you can review both the MP3 file and the writing file or upload them to share with others. Please check with the CST Team for help and use. Check out this demo!

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